PixelmaterPro for Macがバージョンアップ 処理が最大10倍に




ビネット効果についてはすでに、「Pixelmater」のiPad版アプリである「Pixelmate for iPad」で採用されており、際立たせたい被写体の周囲を画像処理で暗くし、その被写体を際立たせるというもの



PixelmaterPro for Mac 1.5.2リリースノート

Pixelmator Pro 1.5.2 adds a new Vignette color adjustment, some significant performance improvements (yes, performance has been improved again!), improvements to the Clone tool, Pen tool, Freeform Pen tool, Crop tool, and more.

• There’s a new color adjustment: it’s called Vignette and it works like the one in Pixelmator Photo, helping you add artistic vignettes to your photos.

• If a photo has been cropped nondestructively, the new Vignette will be applied to the cropped image.

• Performance in compositions with a large number of layers has been improved again, this time layer moving and editing is up to 10x faster in some cases.

• After reordering, merging, or converting layers and undoing/redoing changes, the selected/unselected state of layers will now be correctly restored. Even though this is more of a bug fix, it’s a very nice one, so we’ll call it an improvement!

• The last used soft proofing profile will be remembered across different documents, so you can now preview a new document with the last used profile by simply pressing the Command-Y keyboard shortcut.

• The Clone tool has been improved with:

– Smaller brush spacing for a much smoother cloning experience.

– A default Softness setting of 50%. 

• When cropping, you can now move the crop area using the arrow keys.

• The quality and performance of the Freeform Pen tool have been much improved – fewer vector points will be added to the lines you draw to reflect how vector paths are usually drawn manually.

• When drawing a path with the regular Pen tool, you can now split the direction line of your current anchor point as you add it by pressing and holding the Option key.

• In the middle of drawing a path with the Pen tool, you can now also edit any visible direction lines by Command-dragging to move them, or Option-dragging to split the two sides of a direction line and move each individually. Once you’ve split a direction line, you can rejoin it by Option-dragging it, or move each side separately using the Command key.

• The Replace Color adjustment is now better at replacing black, white, and shades of grey.

• When adjusting gradient fills added with the Style tool, you can now move the position of the gradient by dragging the gradient direction line on the canvas.

• Undoing changes made with the Repair tool will now be faster.

• When using the Free Transform tool and moving an object using the arrow keys, it’s position values in the Tool Options pane would not update. Fixed.

• Using the color picker to change the color of partially selected text in a text layer would not work. Fixed.

• When using the Styles, Effects, or Color Adjustments tools and picking colors with the color picker in the Colors window, undo steps would not be registered. Fixed.

• Type tool presets were not being displayed correctly on macOS 10.13. Fixed.

• When adding effects from the Generator group, layer thumbnails would not be displayed correctly. Fixed.

• The Smart Erase tool was not erasing in all areas of an image. Fixed.

• The appearance of the buttons the Trim Canvas dialog would be incorrect while the dialog was sliding in to appear. Fixed.

• The Sharpen tool was not working correctly at all Zoom levels. Fixed.

• Clicking to add a line shape would place its endpoints between pixels by default. Fixed.

Have any feedback about this update or Pixelmator Pro in general? We’d love to hear it at support@pixelmator.com!